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Endodontist in Austin, Texas

Your Choice for Endodontic Care

Your teeth, your choice. When it matters, always choose the best with Endodontics Associates of Austin.

An endodontist offers specialized dental care with advanced knowledge of tooth pain. An Austin endodontist is a dentist who has completed additional dental training. Therefore, these specialists are skilled enough to diagnose and treat more complicated dental issues. If you are experiencing pain, then you need to make an appointment at Endodontics Associates of Austin today.

We are fully committed to superior patient care with the best practices and technologies currently available. Our range of treatment options is diverse, relying on tried and true methods alongside cutting-edge techniques. This vast range of treatment options ensures that we can create customized treatment plans for every patient, addressing all needs uniquely for the best outcome possible.

While other Austin endodontists may offer similar services, you can trust Endodontics Associates of Austin to create a course of treatment that minimizes the amount of pain and discomfort patients feel. Traditionally, endodontic procedures are painful and long, but we do not believe they have to be that way. We strive to keep patients comfortable, and we can do thorough work in fewer visits than other endodontists in the area. Our patients can enjoy quick procedures and no-hassle appointments.

We have helped countless patients in the Austin area with their difficult dental needs. We offer superior options for root canal treatment. This includes non-surgical alternatives and root canal retreatment. If you require root canal surgery, we provide efficient appointments that are designed to reduce patient stress and expedite recovery. In addition to root canal treatment, we also work with patients for root end surgery, treatment of oral facial pain, dental trauma treatment and more.

When it comes to your teeth, remember that you have a choice. Never neglect treatment, and always trust the best. From root canal surgery to dental trauma, we have the knowledge to fix the problem and the skills to do it with as little pain as possible. To learn more about our services and how we can help you, please contact Endodontics Associates of Austin today.

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Great patient care, I like that the entire procedure was explained and overall patient experience was perfect. No pain!
Theresa C, from Austin
This is one of the best ran, friendly, and knowledgable practices I have visited. The staff and doctor were extremely patient in their explanations and made me feel confident and at ease.
Lee S, from Austin
Everyone is very nice. I was very satisfied with the work that the Endodontist did for me. Thank you for making it so easy for me.
Isnely B, from Austin, TX

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Our Services

Traditional endodontic treatment can be time consuming and even painful. However, we’re dedicated to making our patients comfortable and providing them with thorough treatment in as little as one visit. In fact, we make use of the very latest technology available to deliver on that promise.

Our endodontic services include the following:

  • Non-surgical Root Canal Procedures

  • Root Canal Retreatment

  • Apicoectomy (also known as Root End Surgery)

  • Treatment of Oral Facial Pain

  • Dental Trauma Treatment

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Address & Hours

4310 Medical Parkway
suite #203
Austin, TX 78756
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Mon – Thur
8:00am to 5:00pm
Lunch: 12PM – 1PM
Fri-Sat-Sun: Closed
Phone: (512) 459-3129


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  • Aetna PPO/DMO

  • Active Duty Military

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Endodontic Associates of Austin
4310 Medical Parkway, Suite 203 Austin, TX 78756
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